About Asia Travel Deal

Asia Travel Deal (a brand name of Asia Travel Links) is a fully-licensed International Tour Operator under the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Vietnam. The License is a certification of Asia Travel Deal’s bond at an approved bank to guarantee financial security in respect of customers’ advanced payments as well as the quality of travel services.

Asia Travel Deal (a brand name of Asia Travel Links) is one of a few tour operators in Vietnam who pay serious attention to the travel insurances for guests. The travel liability insurance package with limit of indemnity up to US$ 1,000,000 guarantee a minimization of unplanned damage and loss, provide a safeguard and immediate help for problems occurred during the trip.

Since 2004 Asia Travel Deal Travel has commenced its activities extension to all Indochina Peninsula, containing Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The brand name of Asia Travel Deal is protected by the NOIP (National Office of Industrial Property) of Vietnam. As a professional Tour Operator, we do understand the matters of copyright and its relevant responsibilities.

Since 2009 Asia Travel Deal has been being a member of IATA (via the Asia Travel Deal North American Sales Office). Thus we are fully functional in dealing with your air tickets, from checking availability, quoting the best airfares, making reservations, confirmation, re-confirmation and so forth.

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